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Am Mittwoch, den 17.04.2019, 13:38 -0500 schrieb Christopher Allen:
> I gave my recommendation for ExtraCommas, acceptance of the original
> proposal as written. I talk with the proposer almost every day so I
> know where he stands. He still thinks it's worth doing and would like
> to see it accepted. I think ExtraCommas merits acceptance. If we can't
> achieve consensus on it then it should be rejected so it gets cleared
> off the slate. I'm not inclined to argue a syntactic extension like
> this, but I will say this:
> The proposal captures a nice design element that we've seen work very
> well ergonomically in Rust. We're never going to make the same
> decisions with the same tradeoffs as a totally different language but
> any time there is a relatively isolated "good idea" like this, I'd
> like to see us try to take advantage of that and see if it works for
> us.

thanks for picking this up. 

The most contentious point, besides whether its worth the bother at
all, was the interaction with TupleSections. Which gives us three
options, I think: 
 * reject
 * accept, covering tuples (and making it conflict with TupleSections)
 * accept, not covering tuples.

No decision is absolutely wrong, none is obviously right.

Maybe we should simply do a vote, to get it decided? Simons (as
Chairs), what do you think?


Joachim Breitner
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