[ghc-steering-committee] Unhappy proposers

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Wed Apr 17 18:04:00 UTC 2019


Am Mittwoch, den 17.04.2019, 14:00 -0400 schrieb Eric Seidel:
> Good point. I've noticed that as well. We get to a point where everyone has made their position fairly clear, but there's no consensus. And then things linger..

if there is really disagreement, then we vote. At least that the
process. It is a fallback (and I think we never needed it), but there
is a way forward. It would be up to the shepherd to determine that it
is time to vote.

> I'm not really sure what to do in this case either. Perhaps a default
> response would make sense. Another option would be that when we reach
> an impasse, we reach out to the author and invite them to address the
> concerns directly.

Well, we now want to involve the author during the discussion anyways,
so hopefully this will not be needed.

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