[ghc-steering-committee] Unhappy proposers

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Wed Apr 17 18:01:16 UTC 2019


Am Mittwoch, den 17.04.2019, 10:43 -0700 schrieb Iavor Diatchki:
> I also think it's better to have all the discussion in one place. 
> However, I think it would be beneficial to preserve the following two
> features of the current process:
>    1. Proposals are still submitted to the committee for review (and
> we get an e-mail about it).  This is useful for me, as while I
> sometimes read through proposals if I have some free time, I
> certainly don't track all of them all the time.  But I do go and read
> them once Joachim sends the e-mail that we should be discussing them.

Yes, I agree that the overall process would stay the same, and all
status messages (submitted, recommendation, result) still go to this

>    2. I think it would be good to try to keep the committee
> discussion on Github more or less restricted to the committee and the
> proposal author.  I think this would help keep steer discussions
> towards termination (which is sometimes difficult even when we are
> restricted to just the committee :-)

Likely not possible from a technical point of view, but without
enforcement not possible from a social point of view. I think if we
move the discussion to Github, we have to face (and maybe benefit!)
from a larger group of participants.

(You can lock conversations, but that would also lock out the original
author, see https://help.github.com/en/articles/locking-conversations)

> Finally, I'd say that if we are going to discuss things on Github,
> then we should probably make the mailing list private, since it won't
> really contain any information of interest to the community.  And, it
> would make it possible to have a private discussion, if we need to
> (of course, we could do that anyway by e-mailing everyone explicitly,
> but that's a bit of a pain).

I dislike private mailing lists, but I see the merit, e.g. discussing
possible rotations of committee members.

I wonder how many non-member are actively following this list.

> On the topic of delay: to me it feels that a lot of the time when we
> have a long delay, is when there isn't a clear consensus in the
> committee about what to do---I am not sure what we can do about it.  

In general, you are right; but in this particular case, there was
consensus, it just slipped my attention, and then my regular sweep
(which would have found it) was late. 

Joachim Breitner
  mail at joachim-breitner.de

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