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Joachim Breitner mail at joachim-breitner.de
Wed Apr 17 09:43:09 UTC 2019

Dear committee,

has it really been three months since the last status?
Time flies like an arrow (and fruit flies like banana).

Some proposals are stalled on individual members of the committee who
have become much less active recently (Manuel, Ben, partly Chris). I
encourage you (and everyone else of course) to realistically assess
your commitment, and – if you think that that’s in the best interest of
all involved – indicate if we should start to find new members with
fresh engery.

Anyways, quite a few things have happened:

 * were asked to review these proposals:
   #167 Deprecated Entities (shepherd: Vitaly)
   #203 PtrRep (shepherd: SPJ)
   #176 SCC Parsing (shepherd: Simon M)
   #193 forall keyword (shepherd: Eric)
   #155 Type Vars in Lambdas (shepherd: Iavor)
   #209 Levity polymorphic lift (shepherd: Eric)
   #210 -Wredundand-minimal-methods (shepherd: me)
   #190 module qualified syntax (shepherd: Simon M)
   #207 type variables in quotations (shepherd: Richard)
   #195 newtype Q (shepherd: Vitaly)
   #204 nested brackets (shepherd: Iavor)
   #179 Printing of foralls (shepherd: me)
   #177 constrained type families (shepherd: Vitaly)

 * got a recommendation from shepherds about:
   #193 forall keyword (rec: acccept)
   #176 SCC Parsing (rec: accept)
   #210 -Wredundand-minimal-methods (rec: accept)
   #209 Levity polymorphic lift (rec: accept)
   #207 type variables in quotations (rec: reject)
   #167 Deprecated Entities (rec: accept)
   #195 newtype Q (rec: accept)
   #190 module qualified syntax (rec: accept)
   #204 nested brackets (rec: shelve)
   #179 Printing of foralls (rec: acccept)
   #203 PtrRep (rec: accept)

 * decided about the following proposals
   #158 Add setField to HasField (accept)
   #28 Bundling patterns with type synonyms (reject)
   #167 Deprecated Entities (reject)
   #193 forall keyword (acccept)
   #207 type variables in quotations (reject)
   #195 newtype Q (needs revision)
   #210 -Wredundand-minimal-methods (accept)
   #203 PtrRep (accept)
   #176 SCC Parsing (accept)

We currently have to act on the following 8 proposals, up two since the
last status:

Levity polymorphic lift
Shepherd: Eric
Status: To be accepted after minor tweaks by the authors

Module qualified syntax
Shepherd: Simon M
Status: To be accepted after we decide on the pragma name

Tweak printing of foralls
Shepherd: me
Status: Ongoing discussion (Iavor had questions)

Simple constrained type families
Shepherd: Vitaly
Status: Waiting for Vitaly to make a recommendation

Binding type variables in lambda expressions
Shepherd: Iavor
Status: Discussion ongoing, Iavor did not make an official recommendation

Type annotated quoters
Shepherd: Manuel
Status: Still waiting for recommendation. Manuel?

Provenance-Qualified Package Imports
Shepherd: Ben
Status: Still waiting for recommendation. This is pretty old!

Shepherd: Chris
Recommendation: accept
Status: Met with some reservation. Chris, please pick this up again.


Joachim Breitner
  mail at joachim-breitner.de

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