Buy-in for technical proposal 47 which affect GHC devs

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Thanks Laurent,

In fact this fits with our thinking in   We'll
discuss and Ben/Matthew will get back to you.


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> Dear GHC developers,
> In recent weeks, John Ericson has fine-tuned a Haskell Foundation
> Technical Proposal to split `base` into two libraries: `ghc-base` and
> `base`, the latter simply re-exporting everything for `ghc-base` (for now).
> You can read about the rationale and specifics more in details in the
> proposal itself:
> Note that this proposal has recently been streamlined into a form which is
> more focused than its initial state, and might be worth a re-read.
> The Haskell Foundation Technical Working Group has reached a consensus
> that this work will benefit the Haskell community. Moreover, the Haskell
> Foundation has agreed to spend some of its resources to implement this
> proposal, which would start by ensuring the completion of MR7898 (
> This work will affect GHC developers. Therefore, the Technical Working
> Group would like to get buy-in from the GHC developers before formally
> accepting this proposal.
> Best regards,
> Laurent P. René de Cotret
> on behalf of the Haskell Foundation Technical Working Group
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