Coordination on FreeBSD CI, default WinIO and Info Tables profiling work

Hécate hecate at
Wed Mar 15 15:28:56 UTC 2023

Hi everyone,

I have created topical aggregators of tickets that go beyond the rhythm 
of releases (aka. "epics") for  the following topics:

* Info Tables Profiling:

* Setting WinIO "on" by default:

* FreeBSD CI revival:

These epics have no deadline and their purpose is to track the evolution 
of our workload for certain "big" tasks that go beyond a single ticket.

They are also useful as they are a (albeit imprecise) tool to help 
determine after the fact the magnitude of a project and the efforts it 
took. This will certainly be helpful for future estimations.

And finally their prime purpose is to enable more awareness about our 
co-contributors work, so that we get all a better sense of what it takes 
to do certain things. :)

Please do feel free to create your own for projects that are not fit for 
a single milestone (or are not related to release milestones at all).


Hécate ✨
🐦: @TechnoEmpress
IRC: Hecate

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