Upcoming maintenance on Haskell services

Bryan Richter bryan at haskell.foundation
Tue Nov 22 11:13:41 UTC 2022

Hello folks,

On Thursday 24 November at 6 AM UTC, I will start a 4-hour maintenance
window for the following Haskell services:

1. downloads.haskell.org
2. gitlab.haskell.org

In particular, I expect the following outages:

1. downloads.haskell.org will be read-only for the duration of the window.
    * No uploads
2. gitlab.haskell.org will be read-only for the duration of the window.
    * No CI pipelines(!)
    * No git pushes
    * No commenting on issues or merge requests
3. gitlab.haskell.org will furthermore be entirely inaccessible very briefly.
    * There will be 1-2 outages.
    * Each outage will last a few seconds.

The reason for the maintenance is that our hosting sponsor, Equinix
Metal, is performing a facilities migration. One of our servers,
gitlab-storage, is slated for retirement. All data and services that
run on that server must be moved to a new server.

I'm sending this first notification to a wide audience as an extra
precaution in case something goes wrong. :) In reality, I expect this
maintenance to only affect GHC developers and a small group of
ecosystem maintainers. In particular, web access of
https://downloads.haskell.org should *not* be affected by this

I will send further updates to a smaller audience.

Note: The actual migration will be quick. Most of the maintenance
window will be spent waiting for DNS propagation.

Haskell Foundation DevOps

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