How to exploit ./hadrian/ghci to find errors quickly?

Sebastian Graf sgraf1337 at
Sat Jan 29 11:46:04 UTC 2022

Great! Glad I could help.

FWIW, if I have strange HLS bugs, I mostly restart it (if it had worked 
before) or delete .hie-bios, where HLS stores its build results.
HLS builds the same stuff as what hadrian/ghci needs to build. The 
former puts it in .hie-bios, the latter in ... .hadrian-ghci? Not sure. 
Anyway, if HLS behaves strangely, try deleting its build root.


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>  > The Binary runGet issue usually means that your build tree is out of date.
>  > It's probably worth deleting and building from scratch again.
>Brilliant!  Definitely working much better!
>And @Sebastian I start to see the productivity gains.  Remove all
>redundant imports with one click!
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