9.4 release planning (& GHCJS merge process)

Ben Gamari ben at well-typed.com
Thu Feb 24 16:44:56 UTC 2022

H├ęcate <hecate at glitchbra.in> writes:

> Following a private discussion where many historical things and 
> processes have been described to me, I'd like to amend my previous 
> email, as Matt & his team are indeed not the correct recipients of some 
> of my questions.
> The details pertaining to a possible "official" LTS release will be 
> addressed to those in charge of this kind of decision.
Indeed, while we've been quiet the stability working group has been
discussing proposals for adjusting the release cycle to realize the
promise of predictability that GHC has been trying to deliver in the

Currently Chris Dornan and I are working on one such proposal, which
suggests keeping the six-month release cadence but adopting a tick-tock
cycle, we will commit to backporting to every other release for up to
two years. The hope is that this will clearly communicate to commercial
users desiring stability which releases they should adopt, while
preserving the fast release cadence that ensures that new features can
end up in users' hands quickly.

If anyone is interested in participating in these discussions, please do
be in touch. Otherwise, do expect to see a proposal before the HF Tech
Track in the next few weeks.


- Ben
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