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> [...]

> I do think there is a very happy resolution to all of this: put these lint
> checks in the testsuite. I believe that was Matthew's idea in yesterday's
> call, and I think that solves the problem very nicely. Errors get reported
> concurrently with other errors, a contributor can run the checks locally,
> and it seems possible to get the linters runnable even without a built GHC.
> (For example, even if the testsuite requires building GHC, the lint tests
> can call some lint-ghc script. But, of course, contributors can call
> lint-ghc directly, too.)
> Would that satisfy our needs here?

What do you think about the idea of having a Hadrian target ready-for-ci
(or something like this) that would run all simple checks? That target
should be executed before you push your changes. Of course, no one would
force you to do so, but that way you could exchange local CPU cycles for CI
waiting time...
What "simple" means would of course have to be discussed, I would count at
least linters as simple and maybe ghc-in-ghci.

This idea is very similar to putting the linters into the testsuite. The
difference is mainly the place where the checks are implemented and the UX.

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