how to find Zero-boot packages with Hadrian?

Norman Ramsey nr at
Tue Oct 26 21:31:38 UTC 2021

 > Norman Ramsey <nr at> writes:
 > > What is the Hadrian equivalent of 
 > >
 > > make show VALUE=BOOT_PKGS
 > >
 > I don't believe there is currently a command-line equivalent. The list
 > itself is known as Settings.Default.stage0Packages.
 > What is your use-case?

I was updating the Commentary (commentary/ and found this

    To find out which packages are currently zero-boot packages, do
    the following in a GHC build:

    $ make show VALUE=BOOT_PKGS

Since `make` will go away eventually, I wanted to tell people how to
discover zero-boot packages using Hadrian.


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