help validating a modified compiler?

Norman Ramsey nr at
Mon Oct 11 19:23:14 UTC 2021

I've made a minor change to GHC, and before submitting a PR, I'd like to
validate the change.  But I don't really know how to interpret the output
of the `validate` script.  Mine runs for about 40 minutes and then ends
in an error:

  # We are installing wrappers to programs by searching corresponding
  # wrappers. If wrapper is not found, we are attaching the common wrapper
  # to it. This implementation is a bit hacky and depends on consistency
  # of program names. For hadrian build this will work as programs have a
  # consistent naming procedure.
  if [ -L wrappers/ghc ]; then echo "ghc is a symlink"; fi
  ghc is a symlink
  cp: target 'dir/bin/ghc' is not a directory
  make: *** [Makefile:197: install_wrappers] Error 1

  Executed in   39.60 mins    fish           external
     usr time  146.65 mins    0.00 millis  146.65 mins
     sys time    9.55 mins    1.60 millis    9.55 mins

I'm in the process of trying `validate` on a fresh checkout, but at 40
minutes per shot, I feel like I might be on the wrong track.  Should I
just create a merge request and rely on CI for the validation?
Or do something else?


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