Inlining of `any @[]` vs `elem @[]`

ÉRDI Gergő gergo at
Sun Mar 7 02:58:50 UTC 2021


The inlining behaviour of `any @[]` and `elem @[]` differs in a way that I 
am not sure is intentional, and it is affecting Clash (see I would think 
that if it is a good idea to inline `any` then inlining `elem` would be 
just as good an idea, or vice versa.

However, `any` is defined polymorphically over `Foldable`, via `foldMap` 
using `foldr`, with all steps between (and `foldr @[]`!) marked as 
`INLINE`. The result is that if you use `any (x ==) [1, 5, 7]` you get the 
following beautiful Core:

   = \ (x_agAF :: Int) ->
       case x_agAF of { GHC.Types.I# y_ahao ->
       case y_ahao of {
         __DEFAULT -> GHC.Types.False;
         1# -> GHC.Types.True;
         5# -> GHC.Types.True;
         7# -> GHC.Types.True

As the kids these days would say: *chef's kiss*.

`elem`, on the other hand, is a typeclass method of `Foldable`, with a 
default implementation in terms of `any`, but overridden for lists with the 
following implementation:

GHC.List.elem :: (Eq a) => a -> [a] -> Bool
GHC.List.elem _ []       = False
GHC.List.elem x (y:ys)   = x==y || GHC.List.elem x ys
{-# NOINLINE [1] elem #-}
"elem/build"    forall x (g :: forall b . Eq a => (a -> b -> b) -> b -> b)
    . elem x (build g) = g (\ y r -> (x == y) || r) False

This is marked as non-inlineable until phase 1 (so that `elem/build` has a 
chance of firing), but it seems that when build fusion doesn't apply 
(since `[1, 5, 7]` is, of course, not built via `build`), no inlining 
happens AT ALL, even in later phases, so we end up with this:

   = \ (x_agAF :: Int) ->
         @ Int
            @ Int
            (GHC.Types.I# 1#)
               @ Int
               (GHC.Types.I# 5#)
               (GHC.Types.: @ Int (GHC.Types.I# 7#) (GHC.Types.[] @ Int))))

So not only does it trip up Clash, it would also result in less efficient 
code in software when using "normal" GHC.

Is this all intentional? Wouldn't it make more sense to mark 
`GHC.List.elem` as `INLINE [1]` instead of `NOINLINE [1]`, so that any 
calls remaining after build fusion would be inlined?


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