[PSA] Patches to Haddock regarding GHC development move to GitLab!

Hécate hecate at glitchbra.in
Fri Dec 17 16:47:36 UTC 2021

Hi everyone, just a PSA from the Haddock team and GHC release managers 
to warn everyone that, effective immediately, patches to Haddock needed 
for GHC merge requests are not to be directed to GitHub anymore.

Those patches are to be sent to the GitLab mirror: 

I will try and warn folks who currently have PRs opened on GitHub 
targeting ghc-head, but please know that they'll be closed in the next 
few days.

Have a great end of the week,
Hécate, for the Haddock Team.

Hécate ✨
🐦: @TechnoEmpress
IRC: Hecate
WWW: https://glitchbra.in

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