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Thu Oct 15 05:04:11 UTC 2020

Sylvain Henry <sylvain at> writes:

> Hello everyone,
> Since testsuite performance results are stored into Git notes, they are 
> more difficult to visualize. At least with values in .T files we could 
> see the changes over time, but now increase/decrease are only indicated 
> into commit messages (but not necessarily by how much). The only tool we 
> have afaik is the script [1] but it's not very interactive.
> So, long story short, I've started another one which is more interactive 
> (in the browser). An instance is running on my server:
Hi Sylvain,

This looks great!

I would also note that all of the performance metrics produced by the
testsuite, nofib, and (soon) head.hackage are preserved in a PostgreSQL
database on which can be accessed by way of Postgrest
[1]. The schema can be found here [2]. You will also find the import
tools in the same repository (but they are quite rough around the edges;
you have been warned).

The schema is probably most conveniently used via the `results_view`
view. For instance, one can request all metrics for commits in the last
month with:

    $ curl

Another useful view is `deltas`, which provides compares metrics for
pairs of commits. This I have found quite useful in spotting

Apart from curl, there are a few other options for consuming this

 * I have an Python notebook which has some convenient helpers for
   quickly plotting things in `ghc-utils` [3]. I find this option to
   have the greatest power/weight ratio for most use-cases.

 * There is an incredibly hacky attempt at a web interface here [4]
   (source here [5]) although it's probably best to bury this sad effort
 * Sometimes I have needed to fall back to SQL for some queries; if
   someone would find this useful we can arrange read-only SQL access on
   an individual basis.

Regardless, this project has been gradually evolving as the need arises
for the last few years. It's been quite useful but I think it's
potential is quite under-realized.


- Ben

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