GHC HEAD (Quickest) segfaults during compilation of optparse-applicative

Csaba Hruska csaba.hruska at
Tue Mar 10 12:07:06 UTC 2020

I've created a bug sample project on github:
Follow the readme to reproduce the bug.


On Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 12:31 PM Csaba Hruska <csaba.hruska at>

> Hello,
> GHC HEAD (9668781a36941e7552fcec38f6d4e1d5ec3ef6d1) compiled with the
> Quickest flavour segfaults when compiles optparse-applicative-
> But it compiles fine with the Quick or the default flavours.
> [image: image.png]
> Everything compiles fine (with vanilla Quickest GHC HEAD) until the
> Options.Applicative.Help.Core module where GHC segfaults. (as I understand
> the error code)
> Is this a known bug?
> If not then I'll submit an issue.
> Thanks,
> Csaba
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