Intree gmp builds using Hadrian use system gmp headers

Carter Schonwald carter.schonwald at
Tue Jan 28 03:37:20 UTC 2020

Hey all,
For those using Hadrian for platforms where intree gmp config is important,
some sleuthing I’ve done over the past half  seems to indicate that
currently it’s not correct via Hadrian, but only via make.
I’m able to reproduce this on multiple OS X machines (though it took me a
while to read apart that is Hadrian specific.)

Punchline : at the moment, Hadrian intree gmp builds succeed because gmp
headers in default include search paths of gcc/clang get picked up. In a
properly isolated environment / one without the offending header leakage,
I’m able at least on OS X to get Hadrian with intree gmp to consistently
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