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Richard Eisenberg rae at
Mon Jan 27 09:38:17 UTC 2020

Hi devs,

I recently found this text at the end of <> :

The CI pipeline of ghc/ghc> <applewebdata://9E3625B8-2065-48C6-A8FA-16817EA6E642/ghc/ghc> includes a linting step to ensure that all submodules refer only to "persistent" commits of the upstream repositories (e.g. not wip/ branches, which may disappear in the future). Specifically, the linter checks that any submodules refer to commits that are reachable by at least one branch that doesn't begin with the prefix wip/. Consequently, you must ensure that any submodule changes introduced in a ghc/ghc> <applewebdata://9E3625B8-2065-48C6-A8FA-16817EA6E642/ghc/ghc> merge request are merged upstream before the merge request is added to the merge queue.

I don't understand what this means.

- By citing "ghc/ghc>", does this mean that the linter only checks for this on branches of the ghc/ghc repo? If I have a fork (e.g. rae/ghc), are these checks disabled?

- Does this linter stop CI from progressing to, say, running the testsuite? If so, then how can we run the testsuite via CI if we have any submodule changes? We want to run the testsuite while the work is still in progress.

- By "you must ensure ... before the merge request is added to the merge queue": this makes me wonder whether the linter is just a warning or an error. That is, if I must ensure it, then it suggests that CI is not ensuring it.

Sorry to be dense here!

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