submodule instructions?

Ben Gamari ben at
Mon Jan 20 16:34:49 UTC 2020

Richard Eisenberg <rae at> writes:

>> On Jan 17, 2020, at 9:15 PM, Ben Gamari <ben at> wrote:
>> I have added a bit of language to [submodules] explaining how to
>> accomplish this.
> Very helpful -- thanks. A few questions (preferably answered directly on the wiki page):
> - Who is the `ghc` group and how does one join this group (is there a
> link to the current membership)? Or: is there a way to get CI working
> for those outside this group?
I've clarified this on the wiki but to summarize: The "ghc group" is
found here [1] and pretty much anyone who is interested in contributing
can request to be a member (with "developer" role). This gives you the
ability to push wip/ branches to any project in the ghc/ namespace.


> - I don't see haddock listed under ghc/packages. I do see in the
> example a way to access haddock just at ghc/. Which one is correct?
> Are there submodules other than haddock that are not listed in
> ghc/packages?
For historical reasons haddock is located under ghc/haddock, not
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