Request for two new MR-labels: "review-needed" and "changes-required"

Andreas Klebinger klebinger.andreas at
Fri Feb 7 16:42:25 UTC 2020

Hello devs,

Recently in a MR discussion the topic came up of contributors being
frustrated about lack of reviews.

As a contributor and as a reviewer the lack of tools to find MR's in
need of attention also frustrated me often.

I suggest two new MR labels:

Label: "review-needed":  If a contributor has an MR which he considers
to be blocked on (lack of) review he can assign the label to clearly
signal this.
Label: "changes-required": This is the inverse - if a reviewer looked at
a patch and it's clear that the patch needs more work from the
contributor this label can signal this.

What are the benefits?

* As a reviewer I can look for MR's tagged with review-needed and can be
sure that time spent reviewing is not wasted.
* As a contributor I can mark a patch as changes-required if I think my
patch is ready to land, or if I need input on the design.
* Core maintainers can more easily identify patches which have been
stalled for a long time, making their review a priority.

The obvious downside is more labels.


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