Can someone help my test my MR on *BSD?

John Ericson john.ericson at
Thu Sep 12 22:41:42 UTC 2019

MR !1699 deletes some code in the compiler about passing -l flags for 
the RTS. This is a layer violation and hopefully a useless one; the RTS 
config file in the package db lists external library dependencies just 
like any other package so the -l flags should be included because that 

CI passes, so everything works on Linux, Darwin, and Windows. Ben Gamari 
wanted to double check the behavior on the *BSDs, since the HAVE_* 
configure results might reasonably vary there. I got a FreeBSD VM and 
started installing the requisite ports, but I've never used any BSD 
before and don't have much time to learn it---say how to stop to the TUI 
pop-ups that prevent me building everything overnight. If someone with 
an up-and-running development environment could quickly give this change 
a spin, that would be much appreciated.

Fingers crossed, and thanks in advanced,


P.S. If said BSD angel wants to contribute a machine for the official 
CI, so neither me or anyone else is tempted to bug them again, that 
would also be great :)


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