Urgent: git problem

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Wed Oct 23 16:42:32 UTC 2019

Thanks everyone!

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I suspect a git fetch --prune might help. It looks like git's mapping of remote branches to a directory tree has caused a conflict between new and stale branches: ../rae/... can't be a directory if it's already a file!

If that still doesn't work (if it tries to record new branches before deleting stale ones), you'd have to muck around in .git/refs/remotes and remove the files manually.
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a completely fresh clone seems ok.  but that’s a bit brutal

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Subject: Urgent: git problem

Aieee!   All my GHC repos are failing with this.  As a result I can’t pull.  What should I do?   Thanks!

git pull

error: cannot lock ref 'refs/remotes/origin/wip/rae/remove-tc-dep': 'refs/remotes/origin/wip/rae' exists; cannot create 'refs/remotes/origin/wip/rae/remove-tc-dep'

From gitlab.haskell.org:ghc/ghc

! [new branch]            wip/rae/remove-tc-dep    -> origin/wip/rae/remove-tc-dep  (unable to update local ref)

error: cannot lock ref 'refs/remotes/origin/wip/rae/split-up-modules': 'refs/remotes/origin/wip/rae' exists; cannot create 'refs/remotes/origin/wip/rae/split-up-modules'

! [new branch]            wip/rae/split-up-modules -> origin/wip/rae/split-up-modules  (unable to update local ref)

simonpj at MSRC-3645512:~/code/HEAD-2$
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