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Alp Mestanogullari alp at well-typed.com
Thu May 30 13:17:54 UTC 2019

I haven't (yet) worked on making an OS X job for Hadrian. I brought back 
the Windows/Hadrian CI job with that fix, but then tried running the 
testsuite, which didn't go well, see:



This seems to have brought back a problem that Ben and I started looking 
into and which led us to disabling that job in the first place... 
However, running the testsuite is one thing, but just making sure we can 
build GHC is another. I guess I can put together a patch to get us an OS 
X job that just builds GHC pretty quickly, and then later get both the 
Windows and OS X jobs to go as far as running the testsuite. That'd at 
least give us confidence that people can build GHC with Hadrian just 
fine on OS X.

Regarding the resources, that certainly sounds like something that would 
help if we are to double the number of OS X builds, indeed. I'm sure Ben 
(cc'd), who handles those matters, would be happy to talk about this 
with you!

In the meantime, I will prepare a patch to add an OSX/Hadrian job.

On 30/05/2019 15:04, Shayne Fletcher wrote:
> On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 8:32 AM Alp Mestanogullari <alp at well-typed.com 
> <mailto:alp at well-typed.com>> wrote:
>     Heh, it landed less than an hour ago.
>     If the error persists, you'll probably want to do a clean build,
>     by removing at the very least _build/stage1, even though I'd say
>     it can't hurt to remove _build altogether. Along with that patch,
>     I also brought back the Windows CI job and the error did not show
>     up there, so I'm pretty confident you will not run into it again
>     with a fresh, clean build.
> It's cooking now. Looking promising :) I build fresh every time. Good 
> news on the Windows CI!! On that note, how are we doing on the MacOS 
> front ? (Let me know if we need resources to make that happen - might 
> be able to help if so!).
>     Do feel free to contact me or open a ticket if somehow the error
>     still shows up, even against a clean tree.
> You bet. Thanks for your hard work!
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