Processing MRs very slow?

David Eichmann davide at
Wed May 22 16:53:08 UTC 2019

Recently there have been some issues with CI that has slowed down 
merging. In particular a performance test (T9630) was failing on CI. 
That is fixed now and as of today Marge-Bot seems to be merging MRs 
again. I'll continue to monitor this in the coming days.

Iavor, your MR was approved but not assigned to Marge-bot, and so was 
not in the merge queue. I'm not sure who has permission to do this, but 
you can always ping the approvers. In this case I've assigned to 
Marge-bot for you, and it will hopefully be merge soon.

David Eichmann

On 5/22/19 5:09 PM, Iavor Diatchki wrote:
> Hello,
> I made a gitlab MR that adds two NOINLINE pragmas and some comments.
> It's been about a week since my last push to the MR, and nothing has
> happened since.
> Is there a way to check on what is its status:
>    - Is it stuck because I need to do something?
>    - Is it stuck because someone else needs to do something?
>    - Or is it just in the queue to be merged, in which case it would be
> nice to know where in line it is, so I can see that there is progress,
> and it is not just stuck.
> Given that this is such a simple MR, I am not too worried about
> conflicts but a week long lag seems less than ideal for anything even
> mildly complex.
> -Iavor
> PS: I just clicked on all the little check boxes from the
> template---perhaps that's why things weren't progressing?
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