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Ben Gamari ben at
Mon Mar 18 16:19:42 UTC 2019

Richard Eisenberg <rae at> writes:

> Hi devs,
> Previously, I could effectively use Google as a way to search for
> contents in tickets, with a query like
>> <> type families
> (I can't remember the exact URL, and Trac has been taken down so I
> can't figure it out.)
> Now, though, when I search for
>> <> type families
> I get nothing. Is there something in our setup that stops Google from
> indexing our issues? Or has Google just missed the memo about the
> issues page being opened up?
I checked via Google's search console and it seems that the issue is
merely that Google hasn't yet indexed our tickets on GitLab. I have
requested that it index one particular issue to make sure that there is
nothing preventing issues from being indexed. I'm still waiting for the
result but if there are any issues I'll see to it that they are


- Ben
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