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Julian Leviston julian at
Sun Mar 17 07:39:38 UTC 2019


When I started this message, I couldn't find the commentary in the wiki any more.

Also, when I try to search with the “search or jump to” box, it sits on “Loading” for quite a while, then I get impatient (after 20 seconds or so), and click off it, but the drop down box doesn’t go away, so I remove the word “Commentary” from the search box, and the drop down box is replaced by a bunch of preset searches. I can’t seem to get it to go away then.

Also, down the right hand side of the wiki are a bunch of links which seem to be the first 20 or so, sorted alphabetically, rather than the relevant navigation links in the old trac wiki side nav. I can’t seem to work out how to navigate my way around to find the commentary anymore :(

If I type commentary and hit enter, on other hand, it comes up with search results, but it’s quite slow (takes 5 seconds or so to get that page up generally, and feels kind of buggy). That brings up the main commentary page, except I really miss the side-nav that indicated where I was located in the wiki (I realise there’s a breadcrumbs at the top… it says “GHC > Wiki > commentary”, but the commentary page is definitely *not* on the GHC > Wiki page… this makes me feel kind of “lost”.

How is a new person supposed to discover these pages exist? Sorry I don’t want to be whining, but this seems quite important.

Navigating between pages seems quite slow (3 or 4 seconds between page loads). Maybe it’s fine and I’ll get used to it with time. Hope so.


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