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Ben Gamari ben at
Sun Mar 17 01:29:12 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

I want to share a few developments on the GitLab migration front:

 * URLs pointing to tickets or the Wiki which were previously served by
   Trac ( now redirect to their corresponding
   GitLab URL.

   Wiki page names are redirected via this mapping [1]. If you find any
   cases were this doesn't work as you would expect then please do let
   me know or open a ticket [4]. If you do want to view Trac you may do
   so (for the time being) at

   In the coming days I will be taking a final static archival snapshot
   of our Trac instance and in the next few weeks we will likely shut it

 * This afternoon I imported [2] a few dozen keywords from Trac that
   were omitted from the initial import. At this point the ghc/ghc
   project has nearly 100 labels. It's unclear how usable this will be
   without either paring down the label space or imposing some sort of
   order (e.g. adding categorical prefixes to label names) but time will

 * Our GitLab installation has been upgraded to GitLab 11.8. The changes
   are relatively minor but I am sure you will spot them.

 * The source for GHC's homepage ( is now
   hosted in the ghc/homepage project [3]. If you find anything wrong
   with the website feel free to submit a merge request.

As always, if you find anything amiss don't hesitate to ping me or open
a ticket [4].

Note that the Wiki is still in need of quite a bit of cleanup [5]. If
you have some time and want to help out either pick up a ticket or just
start browsing and clean-up the first page you find. Many hands makes
for light work.

However, if you end up renaming any Wiki pages please do open a merge
request updating `wiki-mapping.json` [1].

Thank you for your patience while we push through the remaining parts of
the migration.


- Ben

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