Discussion: Hadrian's defaults

Spiwack, Arnaud arnaud.spiwack at tweag.io
Thu Mar 14 15:19:32 UTC 2019

I’ve been using Hadrian for a while. And I really like it. But I
think, based on my experience and also the reading of the soon to be
freshly reforged newcomers’ guide, that it could be greatly improved
by changing the default of some of the more common options:

   - The -c option should be the default. One of the cool thing about
   Hadrian is that it needs fewer steps to completion, as it knows how
   to run the boot and configuration script. It’s not always what you
   want, but if it isn’t, it should befall to you to specify it. The
   most common use is the default (-c is, for instance, used in the
   newcomers’ guide). The reverse flag could be --no-configure.
   - --freeze1 should be the default. Ok, this one is harder. It’s
   almost always the right thing to call --freeze1 and forgetting it
   can have big consequences. So let’s make --freeze1 the default,
   add a flag --rebuild1 to force the rebuilding of stage 1. However,
   this requires an exception: if stage 1 was never built, we should
   build it, even without the flag --rebuild1.
   - Eventually, the new --share option should be the default as
   well. But maybe the paint is a bit too fresh on this.

If I missed something (other defaults which should be changed, or
reason to keep the defaults as they currently are) reply to this
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