gitlab sometimes slow

Ben Gamari ben at
Thu Jul 18 15:35:24 UTC 2019

Richard Eisenberg <rae at> writes:

> As it turns out, it was the wiki that directly inspired this post. But I had noticed the problem previously and wanted to say this for some time.
> Yes, I should have clarified that I expect the charge to be recurring;
> pretend those figures are all per-year. If the problem is the gitlab
> implementation, and not our server power, then I agree there is no way
> for us to fix things.
Unfortunately the Wiki is a known performance problem-spot; it is indeed
excruciatingly slow. I originally reported this as gitlab-ce#57179 [1]
which upstream thinks they fixed in GitLab 11.8. However, as you note,
things are still quite slow as of 12.0. I'll raise this with upstream.


- Ben

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