Thoughts on the Contributing page

Andreas Klebinger klebinger.andreas at
Tue Jan 29 13:08:15 UTC 2019

On hadrian:

Documentation will eventually catch up as more people use hadrian but 
imo things that
need to be supported are:

- Some workflows:
   * make fast
   * ./validate
   * make EXTRA_HC_OPTS="..."
- On windows build.bat defaults to stack which I think has never worked 
on my box.
- It's still too easy to run into hadrian bugs imo, which will probably 
work itself out in a few months.

There are also a few quality of life issues like ctrl+c not canceling 
the build on windows.
Which I hope will be resolved at some point but not sure if these should 
be showstoppers.

ghc-devs-request at schrieb:
> One more thought I'd like to throw out in the open here:
> The current Newcomers' Guide uses the current Makefile workflow, but
> this is on a fast track to deprecation - but then, I doubt Hadrian has
> seen enough exposure yet to use for a good beginner-friendly "Just
> Works" guide. I'm leaning towards sticking with make for now, also
> because existing material is already written this way; and then once
> Hadrian is truly ready for prime time, we can rewrite the relevant
> parts.
> Thoughts?

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