GHC | Some refactoring in tcInferApps (!116)

Mikolaj Konarski mikolaj at
Mon Jan 14 17:29:11 UTC 2019

Richard, what you propose totally makes sense to me.

Simon, Sylvain, indeed, when I click "toggle comments for this file"
in the first patch, I can see not only an avatar, but the whole comment.
However, this is only one comment, in both diffs, out of many,
which adds to the confusion. May it be caused by new changes
invalidating old comments? That's an orthogonal issue, which I remember
being quite annoying on github.

Also, with "toggle comments for this file" unmarked (it's really hard to tell
what the state of that button is), I can see the tiny avatar and, for me,
just clicking on it reveals the full comment.

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