GHC | Some refactoring in tcInferApps (!116)

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Mon Jan 14 10:01:02 UTC 2019

Looking here
I see literally NO discussions with a "toggle discussion" button.  Indeed if I search for "toggle" I get no hits.

When I initially clicked on "changes", the diff for TcHsType was initially collapsed; I had to click on "Click to expand it".

I can't account for why the behaviour is different for you.


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|  > Either way, I can’t see any comments whatsoever!  It says 5/5 discussions
|  resolved, but I can’t actually see them.  There is not “toggle discussion”
|  button anywhere.
|  Hello Simon,
|  Just below "5/5 discussions resolved" I can see 5 discussions with “toggle
|  discussion” link to the right of each one.
|  Is that what you can't see, or do mean a single button that toggles all
|  resolved discussions (I can't see any)?
|  Or do you mean a button that un-resolves them permanently (neither can I
|  see one)?

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