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Thu Jan 10 18:18:39 UTC 2019

Simon Peyton Jones via ghc-devs <ghc-devs at> writes:

>   * When looking at a comment on a MR, I see some snippet of code. How
>     can I see what module that snippet is in? Apart from scrolling up to
>     find the file header - being careful not to miss it and scroll into
>     the previous file.
Sigh, yes. This is an unfortunate lack in the UI that I have noticed as
well. I drew upstream's attention to it a while back and they indicated [1]
that they will be fixing this in the next 3-4 releases. I have raised a
signal with upstream indicating that this is causing us considerable
pain in hopes that they prioritize it [2].


>   * When looking a comment, there's a little button to skip to the
>     next unresolved comment. Good. But if I respond to the comment
>     (without resolving it), that little button disappears. How can I
>     find the next unresolved comment?

Hmm, that is strange. I can't reproduce this. I see the button remain at
the end of the discussion, even after I leave a comment [1]. Perhaps
this [2] is the issue you are seeing?



- Ben

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