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Ben Gamari ben at
Wed Jan 9 04:51:28 UTC 2019

Iavor Diatchki <iavor.diatchki at> writes:

> One other thing:
>     At least on Github, using the button on the site to merge a request
> always creates a proper merge (not a rebase), so the history won't be
> straight if we do things that way.  I believe the reasoning is that in this
> way, you have record of who did the merging.

I agree with Simon that the best model for a project like GHC is to
maintain a linear history. Bisection becomes incredibly difficult otherwise.

>     I am not sure if this holds for Gitlab, but we should look into it, if
> we want to keep the straight history.
Our GitLab instance is configured to only allow fast-forward merges.
GitLab prompts you to rebase if this isn't possible (even allowing
trivial rebases to be done via the web interface).

- Ben
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