GitLab cross-posting to Trac?

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Sat Jan 5 01:31:08 UTC 2019

It's **super-helpful** that the Trac ticket includes, as a comment, the commit(s) that fixed it. Please can this happen with Gitlab too?

Otherwise, when looking at the ticket two years later there is literally no clue what commit (if any) fixed it.

If it can't be done automatically, it must be done manually by each person making a commit.  Which is terribly painful.  (esp since it can only be done post-CI.)



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| > Hi devs,
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| > With our new GitLab workflow, will commit messages still be posted to
| > Issues (once the migration is complete)? That's been really useful
| > with Trac.
| >
| GitLab does not post the commit message to the issues it mentions. It
| does create a link to the commit but this doesn't include the commit
| message. We could change this with a daemon if we think this would be
| helpful.
| Cheers,
| - Ben

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