Newcomers' Guide to GHC Development

Tobias Dammers tdammers at
Wed Feb 27 10:06:59 UTC 2019

Dear all,

With the migration of our affairs from Trac to GitLab nearing
completion, I would like to ask for a final round of feedback on the new
Newcomers' Guide to GHC development.

The draft can be found here:

TL;DR: If you have any kind of input / critique / praise regarding this
document, feel free to reply, or, even better, issue a PR on github.

Some background:

The purpose of this document is to provide potential contributors with a
practical, no-nonsense tutorial, guiding them from "I know nothing about
GHC development" to their first successful merge request.

The document has been compiled using existing wiki content, revised and
edited to match the current state of affairs (particularly using Hadrian
as the recommended build system), and to tune it to the target audience
of first-time contributors. As such, we avoid going off on tangents
(e.g., we do not explain how to use the make-based alternative build
system), and we only explain what you need to understand in order to get
going (e.g., we do not provide a complete run-down of all hadrian

A few nonlinearities were deemed necessary in order to make the tutorial
suitable across target platforms; Windows in particular requires some
special attention. Other than that, however, we try to provide as linear
an experience as we reasonably can.

So with that said; all feedback and suggestions on this are welcome. We
have gotten some great responses already, but I'd like to gather one
more round of feedback before merging it into the freshly-migrated
Haskell Wiki on GitLab.

Thank you for your attention!

Tobias Dammers - tdammers at

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