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> Friends
> In reviewing MR!361, I wanted to point out that a Note on line 1481 of a file needed rewriting.  But the patch only modified lines 236 or so.  How can I get it to display line 1481?  (Or, more simply, just display the whole file?)
> I can get it to show 10 more lines at a time by clicking the little grey “…” symbols.  But getting 1000 lines down would take 100 clicks – hardly sensible.
> Moreover, what if I want to comment on a file that isn’t in the patch at all?
> Thanks
> Simon

Hi Simon,

Go to the source code that you want to refer to, (Repository… Files for example, or even within an MR itself)… and you’ll notice if you hover on the LHS of any source code, next to the line numbers, that it has a little link icon. Clicking that will change the URL in the URL bar to refer to that place (you can also shift-click between two lines to create a range if that’s your particular proclivity). You can copy the link from the URL bar, and then paste it into the comment where you want to refer to the line of code in question.

Warmest regards,
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