How to merge your patch

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Thu Feb 7 16:10:04 UTC 2019

Simon Peyton Jones via ghc-devs <ghc-devs at> writes:

> |   2. assign the merge request to @marge-bot using the assignee field in
> |      the right-hand sidebar of the merge request page.
> This sounds great. What email will we receive in these three cases?
When Marge picks up an MR and incorporates it into a batch merge she
leaves a message [1] of the form

>>> I will attempt to batch this MR (!303 (closed))...


> a) the merge is successful

At this point Marge will close the MR and leave a note [2] of the form

>>> @marge-bot merged 9 hours ago


> b) the merge fails because I made a mistake and it just doesn't
> validate

Unfortunately I've not seen a case where this has happened since we
enabled batching so I can't comment yet.

However, from previous experience I suspect the message will look
something like this [3]

>>> I couldn't merge this branch: CI failed!


> c) the merge failed because the CI infrastructure failed somehow
>    (should no longer happen, I know).

From Marge's perspective this typically looks no different from (b). In
the past the infrastructure issues fell into a few buckets:

 * the Windows or Darwin builders ran out of disk space due to [4],
   resulting in spurious failures

 * some fragile test failed


- Ben

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