WIP branches

Sylvain Henry sylvain at haskus.fr
Tue Feb 5 16:36:25 UTC 2019


Every time we fetch the main GHC repository, we get *a lot* of "wip/*" 
branches. That's a lot of noise, making the bash completion of "git 
checkout" pretty useless for instance:

 > git checkout <TAB>
zsh: do you wish to see all 945 possibilities (329 lines)?

Unless I'm missing something, they seem to be used to:
1) get the CI run on personal branches (e.g. wip/USER/whatever)
2) share code between different people (SVN like)
3) archival of not worth merging but still worth keeping code (cf 

Now that we have switched to Gitlab, can we keep the main repository 
clean of those branches?
1) The CI is run on user forks and on merge requests in Gitlab so we 
don't need this anymore
2 and 3) Can we have a Gitlab project ("ghc-wip" or something) that 
isn't protected and dedicated to this? The main project could be 
protected globally instead of per-branch so that only Ben and Marge 
could create release branches, merge, etc. Devs using wip branches would 
only have to add "ghc-wip" as an additional remote repo.

Any opinion on this?


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