How to teach Hadrian not to build ghctags and haddock

Ben Gamari ben at
Fri Feb 1 19:22:52 UTC 2019

Roland Senn <rsx at> writes:

> I switched to Hadrian. Normally I hack somewhere in the compiler. So I
> use "hadrian/ --flavour=devel2 --freeze1" to quickly rebuild
> GHC after some little changes to the code.
> It normally builds 
>  - library 'ghc' (Stage1, way v)
>  - program 'ghctags' (Stage1) 
>  - program 'ghc-bin' (Stage1)
>  - program 'haddock' (Stage1)
In the case of ghctags I wonder if we shouldn't just remove it. I don't
know anyone who actually still uses it and there are better options at this
point (e.g. I personally use hasktags when working in GHC).

> When hacking GHC, I never use ghctags or haddock. Building ghctags is
> very fast, 1-2 seconds. However building haddock takes 15 to 20
> seconds.
Regarding haddock, I think Alp hit the nail on the head. The right thing
to do is just to be more specific about what you want built.

Tobias, can you make Alp's advice makes it into the new developer

Also, we should likely describe a workflow for generating tags for a GHC
tree. I have a script using hasktags [1] which makes this relatively


- Ben

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