How to teach Hadrian not to build ghctags and haddock

Alp Mestanogullari alp at
Fri Feb 1 11:05:56 UTC 2019

One way would be to simply ask to build just what you need, e.g:

$ hadrian/ --flavour=devel2 --freeze1 stage2:exe:ghc-bin

for more examples of that 'simple target' syntax. When no target is 
specified, hadrian will go ahead and build "everything".

On 01/02/2019 11:27, Roland Senn wrote:
> I switched to Hadrian. Normally I hack somewhere in the compiler. So I
> use "hadrian/ --flavour=devel2 --freeze1" to quickly rebuild
> GHC after some little changes to the code.
> It normally builds
>   - library 'ghc' (Stage1, way v)
>   - program 'ghctags' (Stage1)
>   - program 'ghc-bin' (Stage1)
>   - program 'haddock' (Stage1)
> When hacking GHC, I never use ghctags or haddock. Building ghctags is
> very fast, 1-2 seconds. However building haddock takes 15 to 20
> seconds.
> Is there a way to teach hadrian not to build haddock and ghctags?
> Many thanks!
>     Roland
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