Validation Failures on aarch64

Ben Gamari ben at
Tue Apr 9 12:53:01 UTC 2019

Ben Gamari <ben at> writes:

> Indeed this is much worse than it used to be and quite unexpected.
> Last I knee there were only 100 or so failures, mostly
> external-interpeter related. Any investigation you could do would be
> greatly appreciated. I would be happy to offer access to hardware if
> this helps.
Whoops. It looks like I was a bit late to the party here. Thanks for
pinning down the issue, Travis.

That being said, it seems that our CI job is failing due to missing
bzip2. Fixed in

It would be great if we could fix/mark-as-broken enough tests that we
can remove allow_failure from the aarch64 job.


- Ben
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