Near-daily "Remote mirror update failed" e-mails from GitLab

Ben Gamari ben at
Sun Apr 7 19:30:26 UTC 2019

Ryan Scott < at> writes:

> To be clear, the wip/dmd-arity is not the only branch I've received e-mails
> about. I've also received "Remove mirror update failed" e-mails of a
> similar caliber that warn about the wip/slowtest, ghc-8.6, ghc-8.8-merges,
> wip/marge_bot_batch_merge_job, and master branches.
> Are you not received these as well? They almost seem to happen any time any
> commit is landed.
Strangely I'm not. I did receive a number of similar emails for other
repositories in March but I have not received any recently and never any
concerning ghc/ghc. This is extremely strange given that I created the
project and we both have maintainer role.


- Ben

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