Near-daily "Remote mirror update failed" e-mails from GitLab

Ben Gamari ben at
Sat Apr 6 18:28:09 UTC 2019

Ryan Scott < at> writes:

> Almost every day now I receive an e-mail from GitLab titled "Remote
> mirror update failed", which contains something like:
>     To
>      ! [remote rejected]       wip/dmd-arity -> wip/dmd-arity (cannot
> lock ref 'refs/heads/wip/dmd-arity': is at
> e1cc1254b81a7adadd8db77c7be625497264ab2b but expected
> f07b61d047967129a3ae0c56f8894d41c5a9b036)
>     error: failed to push some refs to '[FILTERED]'
Hmm, how annoying. Strangely, the `wip/dmd-arity` branch currently
appears to be sitting at the same commit on GitLab and GitHub so I'm not
really sure what to do here.

sgraf, did you ever push a branch manually to the


-  Ben

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