GHC label conventions

Ben Gamari ben at
Tue Apr 2 19:15:49 UTC 2019

Phyx <lonetiger at> writes:

> Hi Ben,
>> I consider Linux/x86-64 to be the default; e.g. if there a ticket isn't
>> labelled with one of the operating system labels then it should be
>> assumed that either the issue is OS-independent or it's Linux. This is a
>> compromise but given that we need to assign labels manually, it didn't
>> seem like manually labelling all Linux tickets was worth the effort.
>> Also, once !653 lands issue authors will be prompted for their operating
>> system in the issue description.
> That's fair, I had thought this might be the case, but have you considered
> that you also
> lose the ability to filter using an inclusion filter then? To get list of
> x86 only Linux you would have
> exclude all competing tags then (if possible).
Indeed. Apparently at some point GitLab will be gaining the ability to
do full boolean expression queries. However, until then I'm not sure
that I see an alternative that isn't labor-intensive.

> But this also introduce an ambiguity, there's no way to say for instance
> that an issue effects Linux and
> Windows for instance as you would just have the Windows tag.
Yes, this a known (and unfortunate) consequence of the choice.


- Ben
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