Windows testsuite failures

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Thank you, that’s great!

For the ones that need more work, can we mark them as expect-broken, so that they don’t pollute the testsuite output?


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Hi Simon,

I created some patches to fix the majority of these

The remaining ones I’ve either pinged the patches that caused the issues or created tickets
For them because they’re actual bugs that require a bit more time to find the cause and fix.

these should bring down the amount of failing tests to about 5.

Kind Regards,

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Subject: RE: Windows testsuite failures

Thanks Tamar.  I’ll look forward to hearing back


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Hi Simon,

Thanks for the email. I haven't been building head much as I'm working on top of some older commits. From a quick look it seems like the plugin ones are probably testisms, the plugins aren't found so likely a missing path entry somewhere.

The linker ones are are weird, I'll need to take a closer look at those, likely culprit is my recent patch, I had been testing in the 32 bit build and didn't notice these.

There are a few worrying segfault that shouldn't be there on some random tests so I'll take a closer look at those too.

And the stat changes need to be updated.

The framework failures I don't see on harbormaster, so think they are again a threading artifact. Need to figure out a more effective way to debug these to find a permanent fix. The ones that harbormaster does see are encoding related. touch is failing on non-ascii names.

I will take a look this weekend.

Kind regards,

On Thu, Sep 20, 2018, 11:33 Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at<mailto:simonpj at>> wrote:
Hi Tamar
The list of testsuite failure on Windows has grown quite long – see below.  Most seem to concern plugins or linking.
Do you know what is going on here?  If they can’t be fixed, can we mark them as expect_broken on Windows, so that it’s easier (when developing) to know when I’ve introduced a regression.  Currently I have to do a manual diff against a rather long list.

SUMMARY for test run started at Thu Sep 20 00:13:20 2018 GMTST

1:03:11 spent to go through

    6530 total tests, which gave rise to

   18728 test cases, of which

   12206 were skipped

      33 had missing libraries

    6278 expected passes

     173 expected failures

       9 caused framework failures

       1 caused framework warnings

       0 unexpected passes

      31 unexpected failures

       7 unexpected stat failures

Unexpected failures:

   ghci/linking/dyn/          T10955dyn [bad exit code] (normal)

   ghci/linking/dyn/             T10955 [bad stderr] (ghci)

   ghci/linking/dyn/          T11072gcc [bad exit code] (normal)

   numeric/should_run/  FloatFnInverses [bad stdout] (normal)

   plugins/                      T11244 [bad stderr] (normal)

   plugins/        plugin-recomp-change [bad exit code] (normal)

   rts/                      T7040_ghci [bad stdout] (ghci)

   rts/                   linker_unload [bad exit code] (normal)

   rts/                   linker_error1 [bad exit code] (normal)

   rts/                   linker_error2 [bad exit code] (normal)

   rts/T12771/                   T12771 [bad exit code] (normal)

   rts/T13082/              T13082_good [bad exit code] (normal)

   rts/T14611/                   T14611 [bad exit code] (normal)

   simplCore/should_compile/      T7702 [exit code non-0] (normal)

   rts/T10672/               T10672_x64 [bad exit code] (normal)

   libraries/Win32/tests/         T4452 [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                   plugins01 [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                   plugins07 [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                   plugins09 [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                   plugins11 [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                   plugins12 [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                   plugins13 [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                   plugins14 [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                   plugins15 [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                      T10420 [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                      T10294 [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                     T10294a [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                     T12567a [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/          plugin-recomp-pure [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/        plugin-recomp-impure [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/         plugin-recomp-flags [bad exit code] (normal)

Unexpected stat failures:

   perf/compiler/             T9872d [stat not good enough] (normal)

   perf/compiler/             T12425 [stat not good enough] (optasm)

   perf/compiler/             T12234 [stat not good enough] (optasm)

   perf/compiler/             T12150 [stat not good enough] (optasm)

   perf/should_run/           T15226 [stat too good] (normal)

   perf/should_run/          T15226a [stat too good] (normal)

   perf/compiler/  MultiLayerModules [stat not good enough] (normal)

Framework failures:

   ghci/linking/dyn/       T10955 [ghci] (pre_cmd failed: 2)

   plugins/                T11244 [normal] (pre_cmd failed: 2)

   plugins/  plugin-recomp-change [normal] (pre_cmd failed: 2)

   plugins/             plugins07 [normal] (pre_cmd failed: 2)

   plugins/                T10420 [normal] (pre_cmd failed: 2)

   plugins/               T10294a [normal] (pre_cmd failed: 2)

   plugins/    plugin-recomp-pure [normal] (pre_cmd failed: 2)

   plugins/  plugin-recomp-impure [normal] (pre_cmd failed: 2)

   plugins/   plugin-recomp-flags [normal] (pre_cmd failed: 2)

Framework warnings:

   .  T13701 [numfield-no-expected] (No expected value found for bytes allocated in num_field check)

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