GHC state of play at HIW, in 10 days time

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Fri Sep 14 15:57:06 UTC 2018

GHC devs
I'm going to give the traditional "state of play in GHC" at the Haskell Implementors Meeting.
If you have an opinion, can you say what you'd like to see in it?
My current list of topics is below.  Please say what else should be there, and who else should be credited.  Most of the work is done by people other than me!!

  *   A Backpack segment (given by Edward)
  *   A DevOps segment (given by Ben)
  *   TypeInType
     *   Zillions of fixes
     *   Substantial internal changes: e.g.
        *   making flattening homogeneous;
        *   making equality homogeneous, coercion quantification (thanks Ningning)
        *   what else?
     *   Small but significant language proposals:
        *   Visible dependent quantification
        *   Top-level kind signatures
        *   Visible kind application
        *   what else?
  *   New and ongoing developments in GHC
     *   Better exhaustiveness checking (thank you Ryan)
     *   Quantified constraints
     *   Linear types
     *   Trees That Grow
     *   Deriving via
     *   Performance, performance, performance
  *   Hadrian... soon, soon, soon!
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