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Mon Nov 12 03:51:45 UTC 2018

Though it's starting to show its age, <> is still very relevant. Some names have changed.

As for your other questions: can you expand on them? As stated, the questions would take a long post to answer, as they're very broad. Better would be pick a specific type or type signature that you don't understand, and ask about that. When doing so, show us what you've been able to learn by poking through the source code (I have rgrep on a hotkey in emacs), so that we can answer more efficiently. For example, repLEs shouldn't be terribly hard to understand, once you look at what the relationship between LHsExpr and HsExpr is. By pointing us to a precise place where you've looked for but not found an answer, we'll be able to help you along much better.

Thanks for getting involved!

> On Nov 10, 2018, at 6:48 AM, Simon Jakobi via ghc-devs <ghc-devs at> wrote:
> Hi Yotam,
> welcome to GHC development! :)
> I'll try to give you a few pointers although I'm not really familiar with this part of of the code.
> * Read the module header at the top of DsMeta.hs.
> * Note that DsMeta exposes a single function, dsBracket. All code in DsMeta is ultimately used via this entrypoint.
> * Look up the types that dsBracket and the functions between it and repE accept and return.
> * You may find background info in the GHC Commentary: <>
> * Join #ghc on IRC and ask away! :)
> Hope that helps! Have fun!
> Simon
> Am Sa., 10. Nov. 2018 um 12:19 Uhr schrieb Yotam Ohad <yotam2206 at <mailto:yotam2206 at>>:
> Hello,
> I'm a wannabe ghc contributor on my first patch. I'm trying to do #15843 and I would like some help.
> I understand that I need to change repE in DsMeta.hs
> An explanation of the type signatures and the types would be very helpful.
> Also, What does repLEs do? 
> Thanks for your help
> Yotam
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