Phabricator new behavior regarding submitting patches for reviews

Ben Gamari ben at
Fri Mar 30 14:41:57 UTC 2018

Ömer Sinan Ağacan <omeragacan at> writes:

> Hi,
> One of the changes with the recent Phabricator update is that we can no longer
> submit a patch for reviews until the build bot successfully builds it. I can't
> even ping people in the comment section until the patch builds. It says:
>> These changes have not finished building yet and may have build failures. This
>> revision is currently a draft. You can leave comments, but no one will be
>> notified until the revision is submitted for review.
> The "submit" button now says "submit quietly".
> This is really annoying because
> - It takes several days for build bot to build a patch (I have a patch that has
>   been in the queue for 3 days now and it's still counting)
> - I can validate a patch on my laptop in an hour. (slow validate takes about 2-3
>   hours) Previously I could get approvals, and then test locally and push. Now I
>   can't do that unless I email people about the patch.
> - In the previous version I could submit an incomplete patch for comments, now I
>   can't do that because no one will be notified and there's no way to ping
>   people to explicitly draw attention (again unless I email people).
> So if possible (without downgrading it) could we bring back the old behavior
> (perhaps there's a setting about this?)
Indeed, I am also concerned that the new behavior is going to slow down
the review process too much. Unfortunately, there is currently no
support to revert to the old notification behavior nor does Phacility
seem to have any plan to add support [1].

They do, however, mention a potential workaround which I have applied to
our installation. I believe differentials should now behave as they did


- Ben

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