GHC API question: resolving dependencies for modules

Dmitriy Kovanikov kovanikov at
Thu Jun 21 09:06:39 UTC 2018


I’m trying to use GHC as a library. And my goal is to be able to gather information about where each function or data type came from. I’ve started by simply calling `getNamesInScope` function and observing its result. Here is my code:

* Main.hs: <>

And here is the code for my test modules:

* test/X.hs: <>
* test/Y.hs: <>

Unfortunately, my implementation doesn't work since I’m not very familiar with GHC API. 
And I see the following errors after executing my `Main.hs` file (I’m using ghc-8.2.2):

* error messages: <>

Could you please point me to places or parts of GHC API or some documentation about module dependencies and how to make ghc see imports of other modules? I can’t find simple and small enough usage example of this part of the library.

Thanks in advance,
Dmitrii Kovanikov
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